Nu: Devy Stonez (@devystonez) – Minding My Business Feat. G.U.N.(@GunMusic40)

There’s a new wave of innovation, separation and quality coming from Dallas. The IRAS gladly presents our new IRAS artist Devy Stonez. Recently deciding to focus on his solo work away from his group BlackTag, Stonez is on the quest to prove he’s one of the newest artists to keep an eye on with national appeal.

Here’s his debut single “Minding My Business” featuring G.U.N. Produced by MJ Nicohols




B.Anderson (@BAnderson_SC) gives you AdoLessons

Meet Self Conscious Music artist B.Anderson. Better late than never, I bring you AdoLessons. The concept of the project is what sticks out, as he raps about his growth from a boy to a young man in his early 20’s. Be sure to check out B.Anderson as he’s set to go on tour in a city near you.



Listen Below:


Plue Starfox (@Badvillainous) – •V•H•S•

What makes an innovative producer? What gives his beats the passage that artists look take? Meet Plue StarFox, quickly becoming experienced in his field. The young beat maker has been gaining a huge internet following for his anime inspired instrumentals, yet keeping his signature sound strictly original. His past releases of qualitative beats is what separates him from most “Anime rappers/producers” in his lane, he doesn’t force the genre.

VHS by Plue will give you the dark twisted sound of hollow vocals, The song is his metaphorical take on life in comparison to VHS tapes.

Check below:


Larce Blake (@larceyb) – Tinashe Drake 2-On/Thotful(Larce Rework)

There’s no doubt that Tinashe is becoming a favorite in the Pop & R&B world. Her current hit single “2 On” is now receiving a reworked version by one of our selected IRAS producers Larce Blake. With Drake vocals also integrated into the mix, it’s perfect for the summer mix currently in your rotation.

Keep an eye for new material from the IRAS producers and a major announcement soon.


G.U.N. (@GunMusic40) – Later

G.U.N. Is quickly becoming one of the favorites in Dallas Hip Hop. His catchy hooks, visual stories and 808 heavy instrumentation is all that gives him the competitive edge in Hip-Hop.

G.U.N. is gearing up for an incredible fall release of his next mixtape. Check out his first single “Later” below.

Check out the song below.

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