What Happened to All Our Artists?

In 2017, hearing an artist vent frustrations via social media about about management, labels, journalist, radio, etc. has become commonplace. Maintaining positive and healthy relationships between artist and industry is hard. What an artist lacks in capital, professionalism and pure business sense, a team of qualified individuals can make the difference. However, when working with artists—especially young and upcoming ones—lines between business and personal are often crossed.


As IRAS draws near its 4th anniversary (April 1st) we are wanting to clear up what exactly happened to all our artists over the past few years. At our height our roster included over 13 artists and producers; as of today that number has been cut in half.  In short, commitment and disloyalty severed majority of our team relationships. Some of it can be chalked up to young age and inexperience, but personal responsibility is also a factor that has prevented some of these relationships from being repaired.

In a recent interview one of our former artists suggest we didn't have his "best interest at heart". Fact of the matter is our artists have always came first and though we'll never get back the time, money and hard work we've invested over the years, we have learned some invaluable lessons when it comes to teams and music business. 

At IRAS our artists have been afforded access to the best production and engineering house in the city, financial backing, deep network of industry connections, artist development and priority focus—at no cost and no contracts. We operated on pure trust and commitment which ultimately lead to betrayal and disloyalty amongst our team. Some of those relationships have been repaired on a personal level, but business is not the same.

Today our artist roster consists of Devy Stonez, KissedKilled and Loach. Our production house consists of Berry Banks, Donnell Essex, Larce Blake and DRNRDX. Although we've had our share of ups and downs together, each time we've been able to communicate and work through it together. We are also working with a few new artists and can't to introduce the world to their talents. On April 28th, we'll be releasing a new IRAS compilation project next month featuring all new music from the vault. 

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Matthew Winn