KissedKilled Debuts His Long Anticipated Mixtape


It's been exactly a year since KissedKilled unveiled his breakthrough single "Come Home With Me" and he's now delivered his first length offering Kinda. The 10-track mixtape sees the off-the-cut rapper/singer return to a familiar soundscape that made early gems like 2013's "Black Swan" and "#1 Stunna" standout. Submerged in moody atmospheres and seductive grooves, Kinda finds a median that allows KissedKilled to be both singer/rapper in the same space; from strip-club rap ballads ("Rent") to summer smashes ("Jus Now"). When asked about the mixtape's title in a recent interview KissedKilled explained,

I'd rather the ppl take on their own idea of what it means. In my opinion art is more about feeling than meaning. Sometimes too much meaning can actual take away how someone feels about the art. That being said, I guess, meaning could also add to the feeling, but with this project my goal was to give the people something they can apply to their own situations in their lives.

Kinda marks KissedKilled debut mixtape. After a few teased projects and one unofficial official release nearly 4 years ago, Kinda lays the foundation for the artist Killed wants to be.  

I tried numerous times to construct a body of work i felt was cool. This time I went into work this with the motive of making something that I would not only think was cool, but that also that I would feel is a musical representation of me as a person. Pretty much I finally felt like I made some real music that I can respect and look back on with confidence knowing that I was honest and genuine not only with myself, but also with the listeners who I've deprived the experience of actually getting to know me for so long.

Kinda is available everywhere now. Click here to stream now

Matthew Winn